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Hello learners,

As you all know we are going through the series of digital marketing course for beginners and this is the second lesson of this series about SEO.

Already, I have shared an article on the Introduction to digital marketing so if you have directly jumped here, I would recommend to go and read that one first.

Now, let’s start today’s lesson from very basic of SEO.

What is a search engine?

Have you heard about Google, Yahoo, Bing?

Well, I know your answer is yes because you guys are using it.

So these are the search engines.

There are a lot of other search engines available out there but Google, Yahoo is one of the most famous search engines.

In simple word we can say, search engines are the site on the internet where all other sites on the internet are listed.

So, when somebody searches something on search engines like Google it displays all the sites related to what you have searched.

For example, you have searched for digital marketing on Google, now Google will display all the sites which have content on Google about digital marketing.

Remember, it will display only those sites which are listed/indexed in its database.

For example, I have a site where I share a lot more about digital marketing but I did not index it on a search engine like Google so it will not show my website when someone will search.

And the same goes for all the search engine on the internet.

How does the search engine work?

Now, this is the most important part of SEO, once you will be able to know how search engines work it will be easy for you to make your site SEO optimized.

So, before going to know about the working of search engines, let’s belittle familiar with some terminologies of search engine which will help you to understand the working principle of it in a better way.

Crawler: It works like a spider which crawls the whole World Wide Web where all the web pages are stored.

Crawling means visiting all the sites on WWW.

Indexer: Indexer index all the web pages crawled by the crawler in the search engine database.

Every search engine has their own personal crawler and indexer.

Now let’s understand how a search engine works-

I am not going to explain the whole algorithm but will give you a basic idea that how a search engine works in simple 1-2 line.

When you search something on the search engine like Google, the Google crawler crawls the whole World Wide Web and find out all the web pages which are related to your search keyword.

And during crawling, if crawler finds any new website or page on WWW database, it will index it in its database.

So basically, the search engine works in two-step first crawling or visiting the WWW where all your websites are and if it finds any new website it will index it in the search engines database.

What is search engine optimization?

There is a lot of websites available on the internet for a single keyword (Keywords are the words or phrases which you search on Google), so when someone searches something on Google, Google gets confused which website to display first and which to display last.

So to solve this problem Google said whom website or web pages will be the best will come first.

And to identify the best websites or web pages Google created some rules and regulations which we call algorithm.

Each search engines have their own algorithm to identify the best websites.

SEO is a process of optimizing the website according to Google algorithm on some keyword so when someone searches that keyword on Google our website should come first.

Now Google has more than 200+ factors to put the website on Google first page.

People are optimizing their sites to satisfy all these factors using these three techniques-

  1. Blackhat SEO
  2. White hat SEO
  3. Gray hat SEO

Blackhat SEO: When we use illegal ways (not following Google rules and regulations) to rank our website on Google first page, we call it Blackhat SEO.

Google banned those sites which are optimized using Blackhat SEO.

White hat SEO: This is the way of optimizing website according to the proper rules and regulations of Google.

Gray hat SEO: Gray hat is the combination of both Blackhat SEO and white hat SEO.

How to do Search Engine Optimization step-by-step?

So, after knowing the basics of SEO and search engine now let’s dive into the practical stuff of SEO.

There are mainly 5 steps of doing SEO of any website-

Keyword research

Keyword research is a process of finding a keyword that is suitable for your website or page.

Keywords are the words or phrases which people use to search on search engine.

Keyword research is the first step of moving toward SEO. This will decide how long your website will take to rank on search engine.

As highly competitive keyword you will select as much time it will take to rank on search engine.

Professionals do keyword research keeping three factors in their mind the ‘keyword difficulty, keyword volume and keyword intent.

The difficulty of a keyword means the competition of keyword and volume means the number of searches of that particular keyword on search engine per month.

Keyword intent describes the intention of the searcher when he is searching for something on the internet.

There are a lot of tools out there which will help you to do keyword research like Google Keyword Planner, Kwfinder, Semrush etc.

Competitor analysis

Once you have done the keyword research now it’s time to do competitor analysis.

Competitors are those who are ranking on a search engine on the first page for that keyword.

For example, Blogging central is my keyword and when I will search for it on a search engine so whatever the result will display on the first page will be my competitors.

And competitor analysis is the process of analyzing why your competitors are ranking on a search engine on the first page.

There are many factors to look on like the content and design of the website, how many backlinks (links of your site on another site) they have made, the age of website etc.

Basically, it’s a process of stealing the SEO strategy of your competitors.

SEO audit

SEO audit is the process of analyzing your website to know that why your competitors are ranking and you are not.

SEO audit will help you to know the missing SEO areas on your website so that you can make improvements.

Like comparing how many backlinks you and your competitors have, how well content you both have written and many more areas to look on.

On page SEO

Now it’s time for implementing and improving all those strategies and missing areas on our website what we have known from above two steps competitor analysis and SEO audit.

So, the question arises,

What is on page SEO?

Whatever we are doing on our site for SEO is called on page SEO.

These are the same areas you should focus on when you are doing on page SEO.

Title tag

The title tag is an HTML tag which is used to give the title of the website which helps search engine to identify what your website is all about.

So, put the keyword in a title tag.

Meta description

Meta description describes little more about your website.

Put your keyword in Meta description because after crawling title tag, the search engine also crawls the Meta description too.

Internal links

Internal linking means linking all the pages on your website to each other.

Header tags

Header tags are used to give the title to your content. There are mainly 6 heading are available in HTML from H1 to h6The search

ch engine identifies pages or websites based on your heading tags also.

Image name & alt tag

Search engine don’t understand an image, it understand only text so whenever you use an image in your website don’t forget to write the name of the image.

Alt tag is used to give the name of the image.

Bolded text

Bolded text are highlighted text which helps search engine to easily identify your page.

Off page SEO

Off page SEO is something which needs to be done on other websites for your website. Basically, off page SEO is a process of creating backlinks on another sites.

Backlinks are the link of your site on another site.

This is same as the voting system, as much as backlinks your website will have as faster it will help you to rank on search engine.

There are many ways of creating backlinks for your website but here I have brought up some of them for you.

Blog Commenting

Guest Posting

Directory Submission

Forum Submission

Social Bookmarking

PPT submission


Let’s wrap up,

We have discussed SEO from very beginning to advance, we have learnt about search engine working, search engine optimization, strategies of doing search engine optimization. These are the things which you should know about SEO, now it’s on you how well you can implement all these.

There is no deep secrets about SEO but it’s just a way of doing it in a different way.


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