kali linux commands

Kali linux commands for hacker | Made easy for beginners

Do you want to learn Kali Linux?

If yes, then keep reading because in this article I am going to show you some basic Kali Linux commands which will be very helpful for beginners.

Kali Linux is a Debian-based Linux distribution operating system, specially designed for penetration testing, security auditing, computer forensics and research etc.

Kali Linux is preinstalled with more than 600 penetration testing tools like Wireshark, Nmap, Metasploit and more.

Kali linux commands


Kali Linux commands Descriptions
Basic Kali Linux commands

This command is used to clear the screen.



 This command is used to display the calendar.



 cd command is used to change the directory.

$cd Desktop


 This command is used to copy files and directories from one directory to another directory.

$cp source_dir destination_dir


$cp /home/desktop/abc.jpg  /home/abc


 This command will show the content of current directory.



 This command is used to show the date and time of system.



 This command is very useful because it helps you to find information about any built-in command in Linux.

$help echo

This command will show you the brief description of echo command.


 This command will show you all the commands that you have recently used.



 This command will show you the name of your system.



 This command will show you the user id and group id of a particular user.

$id -a


 This command will show you all the network interfaces connected to your computer.


This command is same as ipconfig in windows.


 This command will help you to find location of any file.

$locate filename


 ls command will show you the list of files and directories of any directory.

$ls path


$ls /home/abc


 This command will show you list of open files.



 This command provides you more details about any inbuilt command.

$man help


 This command is used to move or rename the file or directory in your system.

rename: $mv file.txt  file1.txt

move: $mv * /dir1 -> This command will move the content of current directory to another directory name dir1.


 Mkdir is used to create a new directory.

$mkdir mydirectory


 This command will print the current working directory.



 This command is used to reboot the system.



 Rmdir is used to remove an empty directory. It won’t work for non-empty directory.

$rmdir dirname


 This command is used to remove files and non-empty directory both.

$rm filename.txt


 Using this command, we can shutdown the system.



 Top command will show you list of processes on the system.



 It is used to create more than one new files and also used to change the timestamp.

$touch file1 file2 file -> This command will create the three new files.

Intermediate Kali  linux commands

 This is a command line tool used to work with APT(advance packaging tool) software package.

apt-get command used for different purpose like update the software, install new software, upgrade Linux distribution, remove installed software and more.

Here, is the some useful commands of apt-get.

$apt-get install softname

$apt-get update

$apt-get dist-upgrade


 This command is used to concatenate and display the content on the screen.

$cat myfile.txt


 This command is used to change the access permission of files or directories.

For example, there is a file stored having only read permission but you want the full access of that file, so here you can do it by using chmod command.

$chmod 777 myfile

Here 777 each individually represent the permission for the user, group and others.

7 is a combination of 4+2+1 where:

4 – read permission

2 – write permission

1 – execute permission.


 This command is used to display the available disk space.



 This command display the used disk space.



 This command is used to display message on the screen.

$echo hello, how are you -> output will be “hello, how are you”.


 This command is used to eject the removal device.

$eject ->is used to eject the default device.


 Grep command is used to search text in the specified files.

$grep word filename

$grep hello /home/hi


 This command will list all the active jobs.



 Kill command is used to stop the currently running process..

We can stop the process by using kill command with process id.

$kill pid

$kill 234


 This command is used by users to end their own session.



 Display the lines beginning with a given string.

$look hello

Mount  This command is used to mounts a storage device or file system.

 Netstat command is a very powerful command line tool available in the linux.

It displays lot more information about networks like incoming-outgoing connections, routing table, number of network interface and more.



 Nslookup stands for name server lookup. It is used to find out the information about any domain name.



Open command is used to open a file in its default application.



 Passwd command is used to change the password of a user account.


unix password:

enter new password:

re-type password:


 Ping command is used to check the connection between two device.


Pkill  This will stop the process from running.

 This command is used to see the process status.



 Traceroute command prints the route from source computer to destination computer.

$traceroute www.google.com


 This command is same opposite of mount command.

Mount command is used to mount the file system, storage devices and unmount command unmount them.


 This command  is used to unzip the zip file.

$unzip filename.zip


 This command is used to print the system information.

$uname -a


 This command will help you to search user path, manual page, source file for a program.

$whereis help


 This command will show you the short description of any system command.

$whatis help


 This command will show you the name of users currently logged in.



 Whoami will show you the current user id and name.



Using this command you can download any website or webpage from the internet.

$wget url

$wget https://strechtechlimit.com/


 Write command is used to communicate between users.

This command will help you to send message to another user.

$write user

$write user [tty]

TTY will be applied if the user are working on differnt terminal.

For example:

$write root tty5

Some advanced kali linux commands
 Awk  Scans all the specified input files for a specified pattern.
Bash  Bash is the command interpreter language for GNU operating system.
Bc  Bc command is used for command line calculator.
Bg  Send job in the background.
Break This command is used to break from loop.
Case  Used to conditionally perform a command.
Cfdisk Cfdisk is a command line tool for partitioning any hard disk drive.
Chgrp  Used to change group ownership.
Chown Used to change the file owner an d group.

kali linux commands
Chroot chroot runs command with the root directory set to NewDirectory.
Chkconfig  This command is used to setup view, change services that are configured to start automatically  during the system startup.
Cksum  Prints CRC checksum and byte
Cmp  Used to compare two files.

kali linux commands
Continue Used to continue the loop.
Cron Daemon to execute scheduled commands.
Crontab  It is a list of commands that are set to run at regular time interval on your computer system.
Csplit  This command is used to split a file into two or more smaller files.
ddrescue  It is a data recovery tool.
Dig  It is a network administration tool used for DNS lookup.
Dircolors  Color setup for ‘ls’.
Export Used to set an enviromental variables.

kali linux commands
Expr Evaluate expressions.
Fdformt  Used to format floppy disk.
Fold  Used to fold the content of specified files.
Fsck  Fsck is used to check and repair file system.
ftp  Used to transfer file to and from remote computer.
fuser  This command is used to identify which process is using a file, a directory, or a socket.
Groupdel  Used to delete group.
Head Output the first part of file.
Ifdown  Used to down the network interface.

kali linux commands
Ifup Used to up the network interface.
Nohup Nohup which is stands for no hangup HUP(hangup) which is sent to a process to inform it that the user has logged off, is intercepted by nohup, allowing the process to continue running.
Printf  Format and print data.
Printcap  Printer capability database and location of the spool files.
pr  This command is used to prepare the file for print.
Quota  This command is used to display disk usage and limits.
Quotacheck  Scans a file system for disk usage.
quotactl  Quotactl call manipulate disk quotas.
Rcp  Used to copy files between two machines.
Rev  Reverse line of a file.

kali linux commands
Select Accept keyboard input.
Seq  Used to print numeric sequences.
Set   Manipulate shell values and functions.

kali linux commands
Sftp  Secure file transfer protocol.
Shift Shift positional parameters.

kali linux commands
Shopt Shell options.
Sort Used to sort text files.
Source Run commands from files.
Strace Trace system calls and signals.
Suspend Suspend  execution of this shell.

kali linux commands
Sync Used to synchronize data on disk with memory.
Symlink Create a new name for a file.
Tee This command will redirect the output to multiple files.
Test  Used to evaluate conditional exprssion.

kali linux commands
Tail  Output the last part of file.
Trap  Run command when signal is set.
Tr Translate and delete characters
Ulimit Limit user resources.

kali linux commands
Umask Users file creation mask.
Unalias  Used to remove alias.
Unexpand  Convert spaces to tabs.
Uniq Uniquify files.
Units Convert units from one scale to another.

kali linux commands
Unshar Unpack shell archive scripts.

kali linux commands
Useradd  Used to create a new user
Usermod  Used to update user account.
Uuencode Encode a binary file.
Vmstat Report virtual memory statistics.
Vi  Text-editor.
Watch Execute a program periodically.

kali linux commands
Wc  Used to print word, byte, and line counts.
While  Used to execute command.
Xargs Execute utility, passing constructed argument lists.
xdg-open Open file in the users preferred application.


Well, so these are the some basic and advance kali linux commands mentioned above. Hopefully, this pretty awesome list would be beneficial for you and you can easily use these Command lines on Kali Linux.

kali linux commands

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