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400+ High PR Dofollow Profile Creation Sites List for SEO 2019

List of 400+ High PR Dofollow Profile Creation Sites for SEO  2019

Looking for high PR profile creation sites?

I know your answer is yes, that’s why you landed here.

Well, so keep reading this article because in this article I am going to share the most effective and easiest way of creating high-quality backlinks for your website from high PR profile creation sites.

There are different ways exist out there to get high-quality backlinks for your website like directory submission, bookmarking sites, forum submission, profile creation sites etc.

We will discuss all these techniques one by one that how you can use these different techniques to get a backlink but today in this article our focus will be on profile creation sites only.

Let’s begin.

What are the profile creations sites?

Profile creation sites are nothing but normal sites which allows you to create a profile by just entering a few basic details like name, email, date etc.

SEO professionals and bloggers use these sites for off page SEO purpose. These are the high PR profile creation sites. So, if you are creating backlinks from these sites then this will help you to boost your website ranking faster in SERP (search engine result page).

These websites are not only helpful for getting high-quality backlinks but they also help you to pull traffic to your websites.

Profile creation sites are the great place for creating high-quality do-follow/no-follow backlinks and the interesting part of creating a backlink from these sites is that Google considers it as a white hat SEO.

Most of the time you get do follow backlinks from these profile creation sites.

Why should we use profile creation sites for SEO purpose?

There is a very simple answer to this question is to create backlinks.

Peoples are spending lots of money and doing a number of guest posting just to get a single quality backlink and here on these profile creation sites you are getting high-quality backlinks without spending money or putting any effort.

And it would not be wrong to say that profile creation sites are one of the best ways to get high-quality backlinks for boosting site rank.

If you are getting these high-quality backlinks as paid backlinks from some authoritative site, it would charge you around $50-$100.

These are some points which I am explaining to you that why you should use profile creation sites:-

  1. The first point I would like to mention is that you are getting high quality do follow backlink from these sites free of cost.
  2. You will get a social signal for your site that will help your site to rank faster.
  3. These are the famous sites with millions of visitors, so there is a great opportunity for you to pull traffic from these sites.
  4. The easiest way to get high-quality backlinks without putting so much of effort.

How to use profile creation sites?

So till now above we have seen about profile creation sites and also we discussed why you should use these sites.

Now it’s time to see that how to use these sites for building backlinks practically.

These are the few steps which you have to follow on each profile creation sites after this we will also create one backlink practically-

  1. The first step is, open these sites in browser one by one.
  2. Go for signup and create your profile.
  3. Once you complete the signup process, now login into that account.
  4. Click on your profile picture and select edit profile (in some websites it may be setting option so don’t get confused) and fill up all the necessary information like name, place, date of birth, description box. Description box is the place to get a backlink from these websites.
  5. Look for other fields in the edit section to get the backlinks because in some websites you will get the individual box to enter your website link.
  6. And in last, finally, you are done.

Practical demonstration

Basically, here I am going to take the example of one of the famous site ‘Quora’.Quora is a question-answer site where people from all over the world ask and reply to some question answers with each other.

Now let’s see how we will create backlinks step by step-

Step:1 Open and sign up for it. You have two way to sign up on this site, your Facebook account, and your Gmail account.


Step: 2 Go to your profile section.



Step:3 Fill your details like name, email, date of birth, description. And from the description, you have to take the backlink for your site.


Tips for creating backlinks from profile creation sites

When creating backlinks from profile creation sites, you need to keep a few points in your mind which I have discussed below-

  1. Make sure you are not creating backlinks fro low authoritative sites because these websites may down your ranking.
  2. Do not create backlinks from bad reputation sites like porn sites or from banned sites.
  3. Don’t do link spamming on these sites. I mean do not create more than 4-5 backlinks from a single site.

Top 400+ High PR Profile Creation Sites 2018

These are some high PR profile creation sites go and create the backlink from these sites and boost your website ranking.


Let’s wrap up,

Above we have discussed profile creation sites. Basically, this is the technique of off page SEO where you create backlinks for your website. I have mentioned some high PR profile creation sites which will help you to increase your ranking in SERP along with that you can also pull traffic from these sites.

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