hide and unhide drive

How to hide and unhide drive in windows

In this article, we will see two way of hide and unhide drive in windows operating system.

  1. Via user interface and
  2. Via console (Command prompt)

Before doing all these let’s understand why should we hide drive?

We hide the folders and files in hard drive, so that others can’t see our personal data. But what if we have a whole drive of personal data.

So, in this situation if we hide files and folders one by one, it will take too much time, that’s why windows provide a feature using that you can hide a whole drive once instead of hiding one by one.

Via user interface

Hide drive

Follow the steps:

Step 1. Right click on My Computer a and select manage.

Step 2. I will bring you on computer management screen, over there on the right side click on Disk management.

Step 3. In the center, you will get a list of drive partitions which you had created in your hard drive, select the drive which you want to hide for example I want to hide my D drive.

Step 4. Right click on the drive and select Change drive letter and 


Step 5. Now, click on remove.


Checkout from file explorer you will get your drive hidden.

Drive hidden


Follow the steps:

Step 1. Follow the same steps 1,2,3,4 mentioned above.

Step 2. Click on add and then ok.

add drive

Via console(Command prompt)

Hide the drive

Step 1. Click on start and then run or hold on Windows + R and then type cmd in the run box.


Step 2. Type Diskpart in cmd and hit enter.

Step 3. Now you have to type List volume and hit enter, it will display all the drive partitions created in your hard drive.

Step 4. Select the drive by typing the command Select volume D and hit enter, it will display message volume selected.

Step 5.  Now, to hide the selected drive type command Remove letter D and hit enter.

Checkout your file explorer your drive has hidden.

Unhide the drive

Step 1. Follow the step 1,2,3,4 mentioned above.

Step 2. Type the command Assign letter D.

And you will get drive back.

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