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Now a days, you have noticed that WhatsApp has been like a mandatory application for everyone who are using smartphones.

Look in anyone smartphone, chances are 99.9% that they have installed Whatsapp.

In simple word we can say people has been addicted to the Whatsapp.

They just can’t leave it.

They are not using whatsapp but they are living it which is not good.

As we have learnt addiction of anything is not good.

Whatever, addiction is not our topic, we are here to know about GBwhatsapp.

So, here question arise that if already Whatsapp is available then what’s the need of GBwhatsapp.

Why we should install GBwhatsapp?

Well, so let me clear it out.

We are using whatsapp which provides us many amazing features and we are enjoying them but always we are looking for something more and new.

And GBwhatsapp has that more and new which will complete your wants.

It is a moded version of whatsapp which has all the features of whatsapp plus some extra amazing features.

We will discuss all the features of GBwhatsapp in detail when we will discuss more about GBwhatsapp.

Whatsapp has all the features which can be very helpful and useful for users.

We are human and we have the power of powerful thinking.

We can think anything.

Someone like us had the idea of adding amazing features in whatsapp and he was not able to contact whatsapp team and adviced them.

So what he did?

He created one another application name GBwhatsapp which is the moded version of whatsapp.

He added all the features of whatsapp and he added some extra features in it also like we can use only single number in whatsapp but in GBwhatsapp we can use two number in a single device.

Whatsapp and GBwhatsapp

Whatspp is an instant messaging app used by millions of users all over the world who are using smartphones.

Users can share audio, video, images, document etc. with each other.

Whatsapp was developed by one of the employee in yahoo.

He was working in yahoo company and one day he observed and thought that people are communicating with their family and friends who are not with them by writing letter and then send it to them via courier or via people.

Why not to create an application that can help them to communicate easily.

And he leave the company with some of his friends and they developed and launched whatsapp.

And just in few days whatsapp had millions of users.

And slowly slowly as internet started growing, lots of smartphone started coming out in the market.

Along with the growth of smartphone whatsapp users also increses.

Most of the peoples at that time buying the smartphone just for using whatsapp.

In starting whatsapp had only limited features like sending and receiving message.

And as per user behavior and demand they started upgrading and adding new features in it.

Now, lets talk about GBwhatsapp.

So, It is a moded version of whatsapp which had all the features of whatsapp along with that it has some extra features too like using two numbers in a single device which is not available in whatsapp.

There is a lots of moded version of whatsapp are available on the internet but GBwhatsapp is best among them.

It has some amazing features compare to other whatsapp alternatives.

It has break the limitation of whatsapp in terms of providing users facility.

There is no risk of security, it provides full privacy to your data.

So don’t worry about data stealing and all those.

Do not worry about rooting your phone, it will run on your phone without having rooted.

GBwhatsapp has one amazing features that is you can disable data connection only for GBwhatsapp when you want.

When you will be using it, I guaranteed you will have an amazing experience.

Now let’s discuss the requirement of installing GBwhatsapp in your phone-

GBwhatsapp details
Application name GBwhatsapp
Version 6.40
Application size 35.1MB
Root required No need
Category WA
Developer Omar
Operating system Android 4.0+
Users 5,000,000 +

So, these are the requirement you will need to have to install GBwhatsapp in your android phone.

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How to install GBwhatsapp?

Installing GBwhatsapp is very easy. It’s like the same how you are installing another android apps. First of all download the GBwhatsapp from the given link below. Then follow the steps to install GBwhatsapp. And if you are getting any problem during installation, comment in the comment section, we will help you.

Let’s start.

Step: 1 Download the GBwhatsapp app from from given link.

Step: 2 Now enable unknown sources in your android phone. Here is how you will do it-

Setting -> security -> unknown sources -> enable.

Step: 3 Now install the downloaded android apk in your phone.

Step: 4 After the completion of installation process of this, open it and enter your mobile number in it.

Step: 5 Confirm your mobile number with OTP.

Step: 6 And here you are ready to enjoy the tons of amazing features of GBwhatsapp like hiding the status, customization of theme and many more.

Features of GBwhatsapp

Copy status – You can copy paste status in this application which is not available in normal whatsapp.

Send more photos – Send upto 30 photo at once in it which is 10 photos only in whatsapp.

Send larger video file – Send video file upto 50 MB.

Lock conversation – It has a new feature of locking particular conversation with a secret number.

Use two numbers – It provide you to use two number in a single device.

Multiple message cancellation – You can receive and delete multiple message at once.

Message scheduler – You can arrange message according to your requirement.

Privacy status – You have the privacy option in GBwhatsapp and whatsapp both through which you can give the limit of viewing the message.

Hide status and chat – It has the features of hiding and unhiding the status and chat.

New emoji’s – In latest version of GBwhatsapp you will get some new entertaining emoji’s.

Broadcasting – You can broadcast message to 600 people at once.

Blue tick hide – You can hide which shows that you have seen the message.

Hide view status – In this you can also hide the view status of the message.


So, this was the version moded version of whatsapp called which have lots of amazing features than whatsapp. I hope you will enjoy this application. I have discussed above how you can install this application and if you are getting any problem during installation you may comment in the comment section.

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