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Extratorrent proxy | Top 15 best extratorrent proxy site list 2018

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extratorrent proxy

There are two ways available to download something from the internet. The first one is client server and the other one is peer to peer.

In client server, files are uploaded on the server via admin and clients just access these files from the server using internet. This is the normal way of downloading.

Another way is peer to peer downloading.

So, before discussing peer to peer downloading let’s understand what is peer to peer communication.

Peer to peer is a way of communicating and accessing files between two computers over the internet directly without having any server.

Torrent sites are the best example of peer to peer communication.

When we are downloading something using torrent sites like extratorrent or other torrent sites, then these sites are using peer to peer method of communicating where one upload the file and another one receive the file.

The sender who upload the file called seeder and one who receive the file called leecher.

To share any file using torrent site, the first thing need to do is creating a torrent file of sharing file. Torrent files are nothing but the configuration file of shared folder. (how to create  and send file using torrent sites will see in working part of torrent sites. )

There can be a number of seeders and leechers at a time uploading and downloading the files.

Remember one thing, if number number of seeders will be more than leechers, the uploading and downloading speed will be high.

But if number of leechers are more than seeders then the uploading and downloading speed will be low.

So in this article I am going to share everything about torrent sites.

What is torrent sites, extratorrent sites, and extratorrent proxy sites?

Torrent sites

Torrent sites are the sites which helps two computers to do peer to communication between them.

Torrent is a name which describes all the torrent sites on the internet.

There are lots of torrent sites are available on the internet like ExtraTorrent site, kickass torrents, torrentz and many more.

ExtraTorrent sites

extratorrent proxy

ExtraTorrent sites are the category of torrent sites which was launched in 2017.

It is one of the powerful torrent site came in the industry after the demise of torrentkickass and torrentz.

Extratorrent sites are such amazing websites available on the internet which helps users to download their favourite movies in HD quality free of cost.

And not only movies but also allows you to download softwares, game, tv series etc.

Extratorrent sites are the indexing place of all the software, movies, songs, tv series etc. from where one can download free of cost.

In short, we can say extratorrent sites are the pool of entertainment.

There are lots of extratorrent sites available on the internet like extratorrent.cc, extratorrent.cd which helps user to download anything through peer to peer communication.

Extratorrent proxy sites

Extratorrent proxy sites are the cloned site of original extratorrent sites.

In some countries, due to the reason of spreading piracy government blocked the extratorrent sites.

So, to open extratorrent sites one can clone the whole website and host it on another domain name, we call it extratorrent proxy sites.

We can also access extratorrent sites using VPN like psiphone.

VPN is a virtual private network which will help you to access blocked extratorrent sites in your country from another contry.

Difference between extratorrent sites and extratorrent proxy sites?


Extratorrent sites Extratorrent proxy sites
Extratorrent sites are the category of torrent sites which helps user to download movie, software , tv series free of cost. Extratorrent proxy sites are the clone site of original sites which does the same thing as extratorrent sites.
Due to the spreading of piracy sometime extratorrent sites get blocked in the country. To open those blocked extratorrent sites in the country one cloned the whole the whole website and host it on another domain, we call it extratorrent proxy sites.

How extratorrent sites work?

If we want to share something from our computer to number of peoples so to do this we have a two way of sharing files with maximum peoples.

The first one is client server, in client server model one upload the file on server and then any one from all over the world can access that file.

It has some drawback, for example number of people are accessing the server from all over the world, so in this situation there is a maximum chances that server goes down if it does not have a capacity of accepting that much request.

In simple word, if number of people will be accessing a single server then it will be too costly.

The second way of sharing file is peer to peer, in this method there is nothing like client server model, here each computer who wants to upload and download files are connected with each other.

Torrent sites are the best example of peer to peer communication-

Let’s discuss how it works?

Before discussing the working of it, remember these two terms-

  1. Seeders – seeders are the up-loaders who have the file.
  2. Leechers – leechers are the down-loaders.

If someone wants to share file with all over the world using torrent sites then the first step is to create torrent file of sharing file(sharing file can be a movie, song, software etc).

You can create torrent file using any torrent client like utorrent.

Torrent file is nothing but the configuration file of sharing folders which includes size, file type and much more information which helps users to connect and download files from the sender.

The next step is to upload the torrent file on torrent sites like extratorrent site or extratorrent proxy site. You can upload file on torrent sites only if you have an account on that site.

Now, if someone wants to download a file from your computer then first of he has to download the torrent file from the extratorrent or extratorrent proxy site or other torrent sites.

Once he downloaded the torrent file from torrent sites, now to download the original file which is in the sender computer he has to open the torrent file in any torrent client software like utorrent.

Utorrent client software connect the downloader to the uploader computer using the torrent file.

And once they connected with each other, now they can upload and download file.

There can be any number of seeders and any number of leechers.

If the maximum number of seeders and minimum number of leechers are uploading and downloading the files, then the uploadig and downloading speed will be high.

But if the number of leechers will be more than number of seeders then the downloading and uploading speed will be low.

How extratorrent proxy sites work?

Now, let’s discuss about extratorrent proxy sites.

Extratorrent proxy sites functions in the same way as extratorrent sites do.

Extratorrent proxy sites are used to unblock the extratorrent site if it blocked in particular region.

How to create and implement extratorrent proxy site?

The first step toward creating an extratorrent proxy site is to clone the whole extratorrent which is called site mirroring.

  • As we know to access any website on the internet, we need two things, the first one is domain name and the second one is hosting.
  • So if government is blocking any site, then that means they are blocking the domain name through which the website was accessing.
  • So, the solution to unblock that site is to registered that website on another domain name.

The second step is to host and register it on another hosting and domain name.

Finally, the extratorrent site is ready to access, and this website is extratorren proxy site.

Why extratorrent sites banned extratorrent proxy sites came?

We all know that nothing is perfect in this universe, the same concept is applied for torrent sites to.

If at the one side it provide the facility of sharing files with number of people all over the world then at another side its being the reason of spreading piracy.

Piracy in the world of internet means to give access something that maybe premium or not accessible.

The main reason behind banned extratorrent sites is the piracy of information, data, files etc.

Top 15 best extratorrent proxy sites list 2018



Extratorrent site is a torrent sites which is used to download the files like movie, songs, software and other file like wise. Extratorrent site is used peer to peer method for downloading and uploading file on the internet. One who upload the file called seeder and one who download the file called leecher. At a time there can be more than on seeder and leecher communicate with each other. And if we talk about extratorrent proxy sites then in simple word we can say extratorrent proxy site is the technique to unblock the blocked extratorrent sites.

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