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Digital marketing introduction for beginners

Hello learners,

Basically, I have decided to make a Basic digital marketing tutorial for beginners so that if somebody wants to learn digital marketing and have no idea from where to start, they can follow this tutorial.

In this series, we are going to learn a lot more about digital marketing like SEO, SMM, SMO, SEM, different tools and much more other stuff.

So, this is the first lesson of this tutorial which is about Introduction of digital marketing.

And without wasting much time let’s start today’s lesson.

What is digital marketing?

Before we go for digital marketing let’s talk about marketing.

So, what do we mean by marketing?

Marketing is a process of awaring people about our product or services.

Marketing is all about connecting with your audience in the right place at the right time.

In today’s era, we can categorize marketing into two types: traditional marketing and digital marketing.

The purpose of both marketing methods are the same but the process and the effects are not the same.

If I talk about traditional marketing, so it is all about offline marketing which is not effective as it used to be.

These are some medium of traditional marketing which people uses to promote the product of services like direct interaction with the audience, ads in a newspaper, putting a banner on public places etc.

In simple word, we can say whatever we are doing without using electronic media to promote our product comes under traditional marketing.

So, this was the basic intro of traditional marketing and now let’s talk about digital marketing.

Digital marketing is also a way of promoting a product or services but in a different way than traditional marketing.

Here, in digital marketing, we use different digital channels to promote our product or services like television, the internet, radio, and other digital media channels.

But in this tutorial, we will focus on mainly internet marketing.

People have this misconception that digital marketing is all about only internet marketing but it’s not.

Internet marketing is just one medium for promoting products which have numbers of channels like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

Internet marketing has been so famous nowadays because people who are using smartphone and internet, spending more than 4 hours a day on social media like facebook, Instagram youtube etc.

And the golden rule of marketing is “the promotion should be there, where the audience is”.

And where is the audience?

The audience is on Google, Facebook, Instagram, and other different digital channels.

Now, I don’t think that I need to tell you about how big these platforms are, because you guys are the audience and you know very well how much time you are spending on the internet.

Am I right?

Yes, absolutely.

It’ll be not wrong to say that digital marketing has overcome the traditional marketing.

Digital marketing is far better than traditional either it’s about cost or audience reach.

Now let me take you through a little bit about the different components of digital marketing that what involves in digital marketing.

Different components of digital marketing

So digital marketing components are the methods or techniques which digital marketers are using to promote the product or services.

And when you will be starting your carrier in digital marketing you have to choose one of the components among all these to go ahead in the digital marketing field.

Now let’s see what’s the meaning of all these-


SEO stands for search engine optimization.

Basically, it is a method of optimizing our websites according to search engine algorithm on some keyword, so when somebody searches that keyword on the search engine, our website should come first.

Keywords are the words or phrases which we are searching on the search engine.

For example, Blogging central is a keyword and I have optimized my website according to this keyword, so when someone will search for it on Google, my website will come first.

And the interesting part of SEO is, we get organic traffic from search engine without paying anything to it.

Organic traffic means the visitors come from search engine free of cost.

And for all this what all you have to do is, just rank your website once on search engine through SEO and get free traffic from search engine.

Once the website gets rank on search engine, now it doesn’t mean the ranking will be same all the time you have to maintain it.


SEM stands for search engine marketing.

This is the second way of getting traffic from search engines but for this you have to pay.

In this method, we tell the Google that I will pay you this amount of money and you have to show my website first when someone searches this keyword.

For example, I want that when someone search keyword blogging central on Google my website should come first, so I will tell Google that I will pay you this much amount of money and you have to show my website on first page.

But Google is saying that I will show only those website on the first page in the first position only who will pay me more money on this keyword blogging.

There is a concept of PPC in SEM which stands for Pay per click.

Google shows the ads based on PPC which means when someone will click on the ads, Google will charge some amount of money from your account for that click.

For example, you have said to the Google that show my website on first page and when someone will click on it, I will pay you 10/-.

Means each time I have to pay 10/- when someone will click on my website.


SMO stands for social media optimization.

This is another method of pulling traffic from different social media like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc.

These are the platforms where peoples spend their most of the time.

SMO is the process of increasing the awareness of the product through pages, groups, community etc.

This is the way of getting free traffic from social media.


SMM stands for social media marketing.

This is the paid version of promoting our brand, product or services to the audiences.

The best part about social media is, it provides us with the facility of targeting the exact audience what we are looking for.

Campaign marketing

Campaign marketing is another method of promoting the product in which we create a banner of our product or services and then we promote that banner on different places like social media, websites, mobile applications etc.

Email marketing

In this method, we collect email addresses of our target audiences and then promote our product by mailing them at right time.

Content marketing

In this method, we create some informative or influenceable content in the form of text, video, audio etc. and then share it on a different platform like facebook/Instagram, youtube, others websites etc.

And if somebody is looking for that information will come on our website through the link we have left on another site.

The best example of content marketing is Blogs where bloggers create content and pull traffic from different channels like a search engine, social media etc.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a process of selling a product of someone else and getting a commission from them for every sell you have done.

This is the best way of earning money online without having your own product to, here you just have to use your own skills to sell those products.

And for doing all these you just need an internet connection, laptop or smartphone and your skill of influencing and selling the product to the customers.

There are lots of websites out there which provides affiliate marketing like Amazon, Flipkart and many others.


Let’s wrap up,

So, above we have discussed the introduction of digital marketing where we have seen what is digital marketing and what are the different components involved in digital marketing.

This was the intro part of the digital marketing, in the next lesson we will learn about SEO step-by-step in detail.

If you have any doubt or confusion related to this article, feel free to ask a question in a comment section.

One thing more, if you have any advice or feedback for us, please share with us, we will love to hear.

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