How to detect hackers in your computer

If anyone wants to hack your computer, they just need to install a malware application called RATS (Remote Access Trojans) on your computer.

RAT is a very powerful malware, once it’s installed on your computer, it will give a full control of your computer to the hacker and hacker can do anything on your computer.

And there is no need of anyone else to install it on your computer because when you visit any untrusted websites and download songs, videos,application and play it on your computer, along with these, RATS start running and establish a remote connection between your computer and hacker computer and allow hacker to do anything on your computer.

Below are the most common things that you may notice after a computer has been hacked.

Symptoms of infected computer with malware

  • Each time you notice message Pop-up on the desktop.
  • Computer is running extremely slow
  • Application won’t start
  • Having a problem with internet connection or very slow speed.
  • Mouse is moving automatically.
  • Computer is acting on it’s own.
  • New program installed.
  • Computer password changed.
  • Security program uninstalled.
  • Browser homepage changed.

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How to detect hackers on your pc

So, here is my best way to detect hackers on your pc.

First of all identify all the connection from your local computer to the foreign computer(destination) .

To do this open command prompt and type “netstat -ano”.

Netstat is a built in command line tool which is used to monitor network connection in your computer for incoming and outgoing both .

And netstat -ano show you all the connections in your computer with the process id.

But if you want to see only active connection in then just type netstat -b.

Type netstat -ano and hit enter, you will see four columns there-

How to detect hackers in your computer

First column specifies the transmission protocol type(TCP or UDP).

Second column specifies your local computer.

Third column is the foreign computer to which you are connect.

Fourth column show you which kind connection is on particular port.

And the Fifth column show you the process id of the process which are running on the particular port.

Now, look at the established connection and and find out how many active connections is in your computer.

Then analyze the each and every established connection.

How to analyze

  • Pick up the process id of any establish connection.
  • Open the task manager, to open the task manager press ctrl+x and select task manager.
  • Right click on the status tab and select PID.

how to detect hackers in your computer

  • Then check the process you picked up from the command prompt and find out whether it is authorized or unauthorized by doing google.
  • If it is authorize then ok, but if it’s unauthorized (malware) then kill the process from the task manager.
  • To kill the process type the command taskkill /IM process_id /F in command prompt.
  • And the malware has been deleted from the running process.


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