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Top 8 best malware removal tools and apps 2018

Are you suffering from slow speed and and low performance of your phone?

If your answer is yes, then keep reading because in this article I am going to show you best malware removal tools to solve your problem and make your phone faster.

As we know, these days most of the people have a smart phone and computer and they are using them for different purposes like education, entertainment etc.

And to do all these above things they use internet which is the biggest platform in the world that provide anything to  you whatever you want.

But we know that everything in this world have pros and cons, and the same rules also applied for internet.

The pros of internet is that it provides us lot of information related to anything and also sometime makes our task easier to, means the task which took an hour to complete, using internet we can complete it just in few minutes.

And the cons of the internet is that, lot of viruses and malware are available over the internet so when we connect to it, the viruses and malware infects our phone.

And this can cause to harm your computer system and also your private and confidential data stored in your phone.

So, to solve this problem and make your data secure I am here with eight best malware removal tools and apps that will you to kick each and every malware, viruses out of your phone.

Why should you have an anti-malware app

These are the apps that will fight with malware exist in your phone and surely kick them out of your phone.

Malware are piece of codes which creates to perform some specific task like creating a remote connection after installing in the system either it’s phone or computer.

Anti-malware are also a piece of code which are coded to block the malware in the system and if already exist in the system then let them out of the system.

Difference between antivirus and anti-malware

Before understanding the difference between these two words antivirus and anti-malware, let’s discuss a little about virus and malware.

Virus is a sub-category of malware and it has the capability of copying itself in order to damage the computer including corrupting your system or destroying data.

And to stop these kind of activities, the role of antivirus begin.

Malware stands for a variety of malicious software including Trojans, worms, adware, spyware and viruses.

So, we can say malware is a complete package of all malicious software mentioned above which is lot more powerful than virus.

And to stop all these, anti-malware software used.

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Best malware removal tools and app 2018


First of all, I would recommend you all to use these free version anti-viruses only if nothing is more confidential data stored in your computer because after all these are free.

1. Avira

best antivirus removal tools


Avira is one of the most powerful antivirus software that protects your computer from different kind of malware, viruses, spyware, adware, dialer, phishing and more.

It gives all the features what others are providing but the specialty of the antivirus it also keeps eyes on your browser and VPN to if you are using.

Avira has that level of capability where it can be replaced by any paid antivirus software, and if I am saying this that means, it is something.

And the most important features of avira is that it detects those malware to, which it’s not aware of.

It keeps watching on each activity of computer.

And one more important feature available in this and that one is viruses updates automatically.

Avira is freely available for windows, mac and android.

2. Bit defender

best malware removal tools

Bit defender antivirus also have have a capabilities of detecting different kind of malware, viruses etc. but the specialty of bit defender antivirus is that it’s a light weight antivirus .

Here, the meaning of light weight is that it does not take large space in your computer to run.

If your computer have a less memory then you can install and use bit defender in your computer because it will never be the case of being slow your computer.

If we compare bit defender with avira, depend on the situation both anti-viruses are the best because if bit defender is light weight then avira has some extra features like taking care of vpn  and browsers running in the system.

3. CM Security

best antivirus removal tools

CM security is also a free antivirus and there is no more extra features in this antivirus compare to others. CM security function moreover in the same manner as bit defender does.

It scan your device and external SD devices.

The specialty of this antivirus is that, it provides one great features of schedule scanning which means it will scan your device on daily basis automatically.

4. Avast

best malware removal tools

When we talk about free antivirus, the first name which comes in our mind is avast antivirus, and this because what other antivirus provides us in premium, avast provides all those features in freemium.

It does all the functions what an antivirus should do but it has some extra features that are most of the time, you will get in premium version anti-viruses like Password manager, network security scanner, secure web browser etc.

5. Google play protect

best malware removal tools

Google play protect is a product of google which already exist in google play store.

It checks all the apps installed in your phone and warns you if any potentially harmful app available in your phone.

It scans your device periodically and if it get any harmful app, it will stop running that app or may warn you to uninstall the application.

To check the security status of your phone open the play store and click on left menu then select play protect. (play store->left menu->play protect)

6. Norton security

best malware removal tools

Norton security comes in premium and free both version. There is lot’s of features available in free version of norton security which protects you from different malware, spyware, adware etc.

It has some additional features like saving device location, real time protection, anti-theft features etc.


best malware removal tools

Malware-bytes is an anti-malware software available for windows, mac and android.

It has the power of removing malware, viruses from their root in your computer. It finds malware and viruses during the boot time and remove them from the computer.

It shields the vulnerable system from new and unknown antivirus.

It will warn if website, network got infected.

It is also available in both form premium and free.

8. McAfee

best malware removal tools

McAfee comes among one of those anti-viruses which comes first in the mind when we are planning to install an antivirus.

McAfee comes with lot of features like anti-spyware, anti-theft and more.

If anyone try to steal your phone, it has the ability take the picture of that person.

It records your current location before your phone shuts down.


These are the 8 best malware removal tools which would help you to remove different kind of malware from your computer and improve the performance. There is a lot of other free anti-viruses available in the market. Above mentioned all the anti-viruses are recommended based on my experience.

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