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Most Effective And Easiest Way Of Doing Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most important part of doing SEO even we can say this is the first step too.

If you have done a good keyword research then it will help you to rank faster in search engines.

In short, it completely depends on the keyword you have selected that how much effort it will take to rank in the search engine.

But some of you might be thinking what to look for while doing keyword research.

Well, mainly two things you should look for while doing keyword research first low competition and second high search volume.

But finding low competitive keyword has been very difficult now days especially if you are a beginner because of high competition.

That’s why today in this article I am going to share the easiest way of finding low competitive and high volume keyword without using any paid tools that drive traffic to your website.

Let’s get started.

Keyword research step by step

Step: 1 Find low authoritative sites

So, the first step which you have to do for keyword research finds low authoritative sites than your site.

But how you are going to do it?

For doing this you will have to install Moz chrome extension.

After adding the Moz in chrome, search any keyword in the search bar.

And then check DA & PA of each website from 1st SERP page to onward.

Remember if you have searched any low competitive keyword in the search engine, it will be easy for you to find low authoritative sites easily.

Step: 2 Download chrome extension similar web

Once you found the low competitive sites now add one more chrome extension called Similar web.

The similar web is an SEO audit tool which will help you to know the ranking keywords, backlinks, the source of traffic etc. of your site as well as your competitor sites.

Step: 3 open each website one by one

Now open each low authoritative sites in a new tab which you have found in the first step.

Then in the right corner of the chrome, you will see a symbol of the similar web tool, click on it and then click on search option.

similar web

And it will show you all the ranking keyword of that website.

Remember, similar web available in free and paid both versions but if you are using free version it will show you only 5-6 ranking keywords only.

Step: 4 write down each keyword in a notepad file.

Write down all the keywords you have found from the similar web in a text file for using it in another tool called Kwfinder for checking the competition and difficulty of the keyword.

Step: 5 Import notepad file in Kwfinder

Kwfinder is a keyword research tool which is available in free and paid both versions. Now it’s up to you that which one is fit for you.

Remember, if you are using free version you will get only 5 keyword lookups.

But here I have a trick that will help you to analyze more than 5 keywords in free version too.

Follow the steps to analyze more than 5 keywords in Kwfinder-

  1. Write all the keyword you want to check in a notepad.
  2. Open Kwfinder and login into your account. On the top of the Kwfinder dashboard, you will see the option called import, click on it and select the keywords listed file.


Upload or write the keywords in the text area.


  1. Click on import to Kwfinder and Kwfinder will show you the volume and difficulty of your maximum keywords.



Let’s wrap up,

So, above I have shared how you can do keyword research and find low competitive and high search volume keyword that helps you to drive traffic on your site.

The technique I have discussed above has been shared by the experienced bloggers, digital marketers and also this works very well for me too.

So, if you guys like this post, please give your feedback below in the comment section.

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