best coming soon page plugin for wordpress

Best Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Plugin for WordPress

Suppose you would be able to show your website to the people after some time. Currently, it is in the maintenance or underworking mode. So by then what can you show to the people visiting your website?

The answer is a beautiful “Coming Soon” page. That will tell them right now the site is under work and it will be available in a short time. Instead of them visiting the blank screen or nothing found.

Leaving a proper message in a beautiful way using Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode Page is the best way to say it. Okay so now you know, that you should be using the Coming Soon Page or Maintenance Mode Page if your site is currently under work. Now you may ask, which is the best Coming Soon Page that you can use on your website?

Okay, so WordPress Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Pages from ComingSoonWP is the best. I have come across this website “ComingSoonWP” a few time ago and I have found them really good. And let me share with you some of the features which I really liked about them.

Features of Using Coming Soon and Maintenance Mode Page from ComingSoonWP

  • The very first thing I liked about them they are having a WordPress Plugin for integrating coming soon pages on your website. So if you are using a WordPress site then your life will become easy by using the coming soon and Maintenance Mode WordPress Plugin.
  • ComingSoonWP have got a huge collection of themes for coming soon pages. And you can choose coming soon pages according to your Niche or Business.
  • The other thing which I really liked about the ComingSoonWP Plugin is that they have got more than 650000 free images. You can use these images to build your own custom Coming Soon Page.
  • ComingSoonWP Plugin has a very simple and easy to work User Interface. And because it has a very easy and simple user interface you can build coming soon and maintenance mode page faster and better.
  • ComingSoonWP Plugin provides built-in SEO support. So now don’t worry about the ranking even though you are using Coming Soon Page on your website.
  • You can even capture email leads from day one using Coming Soon and maintenance Page built with ComingSoonWP Plugin. And then you would be able to push updates to the people who visited your site during the maintenance mode.
  • You can even show a “Countdown” on your coming soon page. Which will look very cool and will convey the message that in how many more days the site will be live.


ComingSoonWP Plugin is the best Coming Soon Page and Maintenance Mode Page builder plugin for WordPress. It has got a huge collection of Images and Themes which you will love. The best thing about ComingSoonWP plugin is that all their themes are SEO Optimized and you don’t worry about the ranking of your website.

And using Coming Soon Pages from ComingSoonWP you can capture email leads very easily. Which will help you to build your email list from day one and you would be able to push the updates to your visitors regularly in their email box.

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