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ARmember Plugin Review | Membership Site

I know many of you might have heard about membership site but not knowing what membership site is and how it can be beneficial for you.

And if you are one of them and interested to know about membership site and how it can be beneficial for you then just stay with this article because today in this article I am going to clear all your doubts about membership site.

And also I will be sharing one of the best WordPress membership plugin if you have a membership site created on the WordPress platform which will provide you with all the necessary tools and services.

So, let’s deep down into it and explore membership site and ARmember plugin.

What is a Membership Site?

Membership sites are same as other sites, but the only thing which makes it different is that you would not be able to access contents on these sites without taking the membership plans.

Yes, you read it right, contents on these sites are restricted with membership plans and plans might be free and premium both.

Membership sites have the capability to be a business in itself and if you have any other business related to anything then also it has the potential to increase your business by 10x too.

And now days having a website is not a big deal because there are multiple platforms available out there which promises you to make your website ready by just a few simple clicks without having a knowledge of coding.

But if you are creating a membership site on WordPress then to set up your membership correctly you will need a membership plugin.

And now if you don’t know what membership plugins are then here it is…

What is a Membership Plugin?

Plugins are the collection of codes written in some language integrated together and provide services to WordPress users.

Users can use these plugins without having a knowledge of coding. Even you don’t need to know about HTML and CSS too to use these plugins.

WordPress has the collection of different plugins which used for different purposes. Users can install and activate these plugins to add some new extra features in their sites. It depends on their needs.

In the same way, initially when you create your membership site on WordPress, you need a plugin to setup it and we call those plugins a membership plugin.

There are multiple membership plugins available on WordPress platform and to identify the best one which suitable for your requirements is kindly a difficult task.

And that’s why already I have selected and come up with one of the best membership plugins for you name ARmember plugin.

ARmember plugin is all time favorite for all WordPress users who have the membership site and this is just because it is an all-in-one plugin which provides all genre of features and functionality to a membership site.

Along with the all-in-one plugin, it provides one of the most useful features which allow you to add the feature if the plugin doesn’t have and that feature is, installing add-ons.

Yes, ARmember has a list of add-on which you can install and use according to your needs. Surely we will discuss some of the addons in this article.

Now let’s discuss the different features of ARmember plugin…

Features of ARmember Plugin

Although, ARmember plugin provides more than 100 features but to discuss all those features in detail in this article is not possible that’s why I will be sharing only some important and highlighted features only.

Let’s begin…

Member Management

ARmember allows you to manage all the registered member on your membership site in a very easy way.

An unlimited plan with the trial period option

You can create your own free trial, premium plan for your according period for your users.

Content restriction

This is one of the primary features of any membership plugin and ARmember allows you to do it in a better way. You can restrict any kind of content like from post to pages of your site.

Multiple payment gateways

Provide you a multiple payment gateway like stripe, Paypal,, Stripe, and 2Checkout etc. for a flexible and easy payment while you take membership plan.

Multiple payment cycle

ARmember provides the facility of doing payment in multiple cycles for example $50 for 6 months, $60 for 8 months or $100 for a year.

Parallel membership subscription

Allows your users to take more than one membership plan together.

Drip Content

It is one of the best features any membership plugin should have, ARmember allows you to reveal your content periodically.

Social connection

You can connect all your social media account with your site using this awesome plugin.

Built-in Modal form

ARmember has the collection of built-in signup and login which one can use and customize according to their need.

Professional Support Team

ARmember provides you a professional support team who will you at any point of time.

Exclusive Coupon management

Also allows you to create an exclusive coupon and offers for your users for making a good bonding with your users.

Armember Plugin Add-ons

ARmember allows you to install the third-party tool in it to enhance the feature of ARmember.

And in this section, I am going to discuss some of those add-ons…

Direct login with ARmember

This addon will allow you to create a temporary link and when somebody will run that link will automatically be logged in without username and password.

ARmember affiliate

This addon will allow you to create an affiliate program of your site and when any affiliate will be added to your program and sell a plan will get a commission.

ARmember social community

ARmember social community provides you the facility to create your own social platform where your users will be able to communicate with each other. They will be able to create their stunning profile, able to send and receive the request from each other.

Digital download

Using this addon you can upload or download file from different sources.


Let’s wrap up…

Above we have gathered a deep knowledge about a membership site and its benefit, we have also discussed ARmember plugin and its add-ons.

ARmember is an all in one WordPress plugin provide you all the feature for setting up your membership site.

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