AndroRAT apk | How to hack android?


Before starting this post let me tell you something, that there is a fake android app called AndroRAT apk available on the internet, as it’s name describe that this is a android spying tool but it’s not, it’s just a book kind of app which explains about RAT.

Now let’s discuss about android hacking…


As we know now days, lot’s of application and tools are available on the internet using that easily anyone can hack android phone who knows little about computer and cyber security.

Otherwise for expert kali linux is already there with a thousands of tools like metasploit. But in this article we are not going to discuss about kali linux. If you want to learn kali linux then you can learn basic kali linux commands from here.

AndroRAT is a RAT creator application for android.

AndroRAT creates a RAT for android and bind it into another application like subway surf, minimilitia and then send it to the victim and when victim install and run the application it creates remote connection between a hacker and victim device.

And this binded application we call androRAT apk.

AndroRAT is a client server based application which allows an attacker to take the full control remotely of a victim android phone.

Using AndroRAT apk one can get following details-

  • Get all contacts.
  • Track your exact location.
  • Take picture from your phone.
  • Can call to anyone from your phone.
  • Send and receive message.
  • Can install and uninstall application.
  • Can see the browse history.
  • Live video stream.


  • Must installed java in your computer to use AndroRAT.
  • Turn off firewall and antivirus.
  • Download AndroRAT from here.
  • If your victim is int the same network then there is no need of port forwarding but if it’s on the internet then first you have to forward the port from your router.
  • And to forward the port download the router port forwarding application from here.

Also read :

Port forwarding

  • Port forwarding is used to allow a computer in a local network to commuicate over the internet for a particular service.
  • For example your computer is having a restriction on a port number 4444 that this port can communicate only in a local network and somebody from outside of your network want to access the service of port number 4444, so to allow him to access the port 4444 we have to forward the port from a local network to internet.
  • Remember port forwarding is the most task in this process otherwise androRAT will not work.

How to do port forwarding?

1. So first of all download and install the router port forwarder.

2. Then open it, and automatically it will detect your router model number.

AndroRAT apk

3. Now, click on port forwarding tab and then click on add.

AndroRAT apk

4. It will open a new window where you have to enter the name, protocol which is TCP, Port number, and your computer IP address.

5. And then click Ok.

How to create a AndroRAT apk?

Let’s discuss how you can create androRAT apk 

  • First of all download AndroRAT zip and extract it.
  • Turnoff antivirus and firewall to use AndroRAT.
  • Then download any other famous android application like Mini militia in which we will bind the created AndroRAT apk.
  • Now open the extracted folder and run the AndroRAT binder.
  • It will look like the below image.

AndroRAT apk

  • In the first box type your internal ip address.
  • In the second box enter the port which you forwarded.
  • And in the last one select the target application in which you want to bind the AndroRAT like mini militia.
  • Now, hit on go and wait to build AndroRAT apk.
  • Once the process finish, you will got the AndroRAT apk in the same AndroRAT folder.
  • Now the final step install this ready androRAT apk in victim phone.

How to control victim android phone?

  • Once AndroRAT apk installed successfully in victim android phone, now you can control the victim android phone from your computer.
  • To control the victim android phone follow the path ( androrat /androrat / androrat.exe) and open AndroRAT application.

1. Remember to run this application you must need to have java in your computer.

2. Disable antivirus and firewall in your comuter.


AndroRAT apk

  • Click on the server and enter port number which you forwarded.
  • After entering the port number restart the application and it will start listening.
  • And you will see there lot’s of devices are connected to the internet.
  • Select your device and double click on it.

AndroRAT apk

  • Now you are on the dashboard where you can control victim android phone.
  • From here you can do anything in victim computer.


AndroRAT is not the only way to create a RAT for android but out there different ways people are using to hack the system. AndroRAT might not be work on now days android phone. Because now days peoples are more concern about security and android manufactured companies are more than more. So, don’t worry if this technique is not working for you, out there lot more other techniques are available. Just keep learning and keep practicing.



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