Hello learners,

Welcome to Blogging central,

My name is Bhanu Mishra and I am a computer engineer by education and Blogger and Digital marketer enthusiast by passion and profession.

Learning and sharing is my hobby and passion and only with this motive, I have started this blog called Blogging central.

Blogging central started in Jan 2018 but in starting its name was not Blogging central.

It was Stretch tech limit because I was curious about technology, network, security and like that stuff.

I know the name is very difficult to pronounce.

But it happens when you have no idea about what you are going to do.

Have you guys experience this thing ever?

Yes, chances are more.

This is the story of the first phase of Blogging central.

The second phase is about changing the niche.

As I started, learning and researching lot more about blogging and digital marketing, then I decided to change my niche.

But when you think to do something like this, a lot of question comes in your mind like, should I change or not? what will happen if I change? What will others say? and many more.

And when these kinds of thought start coming in your mind then in 99% cases the answer is “don’t do it”.

Let it go, as it’s going.

And I did the same.

But after some time I changed my niche from technology to digital marketing avoiding all those kind of thoughts.

And put the name of my website Blogging central where mostly we talk about digital marketing related stuff.

This is the story of Blogging central till now. We will update you about every achievement of blogging central in future.

And One thing I am making you sure that here on this blog Blogging central you are going to learn a lot of things about digital marketing, blogging, affiliate marketing, deals and discounts, SEO and many more things.