Welcome to Stretch tech limit

As per the domain and tagline of this website “stretch the limit of technology” suggest you that we are discussing here something about technology.

The main motive of “STRETCH TECH LIMIT” is to make people technology friendly because if we see now days a lot of technologies are available and continuously coming out in the market which can make task easier of a normal people. But because they do not know, how to use technologies that’s why they have to work hard.

Here, you will get more about computer, software, hacking and internet related stuff. We share a Tips and tricks about computer, hacking, internet, android tricks that people may not know. We love to share our knowledge with people world wide.

About – Bhanu mishra

He is the founder of StretchTechLimit . He is a 19 year old boy from india and work on his site to help people to easily operate computer and technology.

He is a Technical Writer, Security Blogger and Technology Enthusiast with a keen eye on the Cyberspace and other tech related developments.

Currently, He is pursuing Bachelor of engineering in computer science from Government engineering college Gujarat. He has done diploma in computer engineering.

From diploma to till now I learnt lot more about computer and world of internet.

He had a craze of hacking from diploma time so also he learnt lot more about hacking like different attacks, tools operating system, languages etc.